Research Projects

What Sparse Light Field Coding Reveals about Scene Structure


Sparse coding scheme for accurate light field depth estimation with multiple depth layers
Idea: explain EPI patches as sparse linear combinations of atoms with known disparity:

  • estimate set of lower dimensional generators from center view
  • lift each generator element to EPI space according to a set of disparities
  • sparsely encode every EPI patch with the resulting set of atoms
  • analyze sparse coding coefficients to estimate final patch disparities


  • Robust depth estimation
  • Depth estimation of multiple layers with different depth


On Linear Structure from Motion for Light Field Cameras


Novel scheme for linear, fast and accurate relative pose estimation for light field cameras.

  • First insight: 2D affine subspace representation of 3D points in the 4D light field.
  • Second insight: light field projection in Plu ̈cker ray coordinates is projective linear.
  • Both together: linear constraints on possible rotation and translation from feature matches


  • 3D reconstruction with light field cameras (plenoptic cameras, camera arrays ...)
  • Refocusable light field panoramas